Deformed steel bar

Reinforcing steel bar is produced by hot rolling process with subsequent superficial hardening by heat treatment. Commonly, it is supplied in length of 6 m to 12 m. According to the surface treatment, it can be classified into plain bar and deformed bar. Plain bar is often used in situations where the reinforcing steel bar is expected to slide, such as in highway pavements or in segmental bridges.Commonly, its surface has ribs which has three kinds of shape: spiral shape, herringbone shape and crescent shape. Deformed reinforcing steel bar with high strength can be directly used in the reinforced concrete structure and also can be used as prestressed reinforcing bar after cold drawing. Because of its great flexibility, it is widely used in many fields as construction material.

Product Category
Product Name
Deformed steel bar/ Gerdau straight rebar
HRB400, HRB500, KSD3504 SD400, KSD3504 SD500, ASTM A615 GR40, ASTM GR60, BS4449 B500B, BS4449 B460, SAE1006B, SAE1008B, Q195, Q235.
Reinforcement ribbed steel bar
Construction, Wiredrawing, Weaving of wire mesh.
Typical Length
6-40 mm
Hot Rolled